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WebSite FAQ and Help

This page will try to answer common questions on navigation and use of the features on this website.

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Passwords, User Names and My Account Questions

  • How do I change my password?
    • First, Logon using the Residents Only page. Then in the upper right corner, mouse-over your name and click on “Edit my profile”. Toward the bottom of the page that comes up is a “Generate Password” button. Enter a password or simply use the one that is displayed. If you enter weak password, you will have to select the “Confirm use of weak password” check box. Then click “Update Profile”.
  • I can’t remember my password to logon?
    • Click on “Lost your password?” on the logon screen. The system will immediately send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password. If you do not receive this email, it’s because the HOA does not have a working email address for you on file. You will need to contact the web administrator to assign you a temporary password using the Contact The HOA  page.
  • Can the HOA see my password?
    • No. The HOA cannot see or access your password in the system. When the web administrator sets up a new user, the administrator will assign you a UserID and a temporary password so you can login to the the Residents Only page. The HOA strongly encourages you to immediately change your password for security purposes and to easily remember it.
  • Can I change my User Name?
    • No. The system of user names (aka. UserID) within this website has been standardized to ensure transparency and non-anonymous input. If your UserID is misspelled, please use the Contact The HOA page and request a correction.


  • I received an email from WordPress. What is WordPress?
    • Don’t be alarmed. WordPress is the software that powers the HOA’s website. When you or the administrator make changes to your account, you may receive an email from WordPress or Sunrise Territory Estates HOA (STEHOA) alerting you that changes to your account were made.
  • Spam and Phishing.
    • The HOA will never send you an email that asks for your User Name, your password or other personal information. If you receive such an email, you should delete it immediately. Every effort has been made to ensure this website is secure and maintained with up-to-date software that maximizes protection and convenience for the users.

Technical Issues and Other Help Topics

Smartphones and Tablets

  • Can I access the HOA website on my smartphone?
    • You should be able to by using the Internet browser on your phone. The HOA’s website automatically adapts to the smaller display of a smartphone. To open some of the website’s links, you will need an app on your smartphone that can display PDF files, such as Adobe Reader (note: your smartphone may have such an app already pre-installed).
  • Is there a Sunrise Territory Estates app for my tablet or smartphone?
    • No, but you can access the website using the Internet browser on your tablet or smartphone. Search on Sunrise Territory Estates HOA or simply enter or in the address bar.