Sunrise Territory Estates Homeowners Association

Security Committee

Policy Statement:

  • Conduct Neighborhood Watch program.

  • Monitor security issues & make recommendations to Board for improved security.

  • Welcome new residents, verify information for HOA Resident Information Form & sign them up as Neighborhood Watch Participants.

  • Maintain communication with Residents and promote the Neighborhood Watch program and need for community awareness and participation.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Maintain an approved Neighborhood Watch Program as defined by Pima County Sheriff’s Office. Select Block Leaders for each street.

  • Visit all newcomers as soon as possible after move in, and present Neighborhood Watch Brochure, Harried Homeowner Helpers Guide, and offer to place Neighborhood Watch Placard in visible location in window.

  • Remind newcomers of the importance of the Post Lamp dusk to dawn requirement, and that the inside switch for the post lamp should always be on. Suggest taping the post lamp switch in the on position so that it does not get turned off in error.

  • Monitor street side post lamps on a regular basis. If the post lamps continue to malfunction (off at night or on during the day) after due oral and written notification from the Area Leader, contact CC&Rs and Rules Committee for further action.

  • Conduct required minimum of two Neighborhood Watch meetings per year, with reports to Sheriffs Dept.

  • Maintain factual records of date, time, and circumstances of any forced entry burglaries, opportunity crimes, pilfering, suspicious activity, or any other security violations, problems, and reports to determine trends and to alert residents when necessary.

  • Make the Sheriffs Dept. aware of any Security breaches, vandalism or any other security issues or problems.

STEHOA is fortunate to have some of the lowest density crime rates in the Tucson area. This is a snapshot of Pima County Sheriff Crime stats for a 6 month period from June to Dec 2016. For the latest Crime stats, go to: