Sunrise Territory Estates Homeowners Association

Contact the HOA

The STEHOA postal address is:

Sunrise Territory Estates HOA
4740 N. Calle Milana
Tucson, AZ 85750

Mail addressed to a specific officer or director will be delivered to the appropriate person.
[optional: President, Treasurer or other addressee]

Property Sales, Transfers and Re-Fi’s

  • Real estate agents, title companies and financial institutions.  If you need to contact or send forms to the HOA Treasurer.
  • Homeowners.  If you are selling your home and need information to complete the forms required by your real estate agent, please contact the HOA Treasurer.  The Treasurer can provide you the information you’ll need to complete the HOA questions on these forms.
  • Re-fi’s.  Homeowners who may be re-financing their homes can direct their financial institutions to contact the HOA to request any HOA information these institutions may require.  The Treasurer can provide you or your financial institution a current dues statement.

You can contact or send forms to the HOA Treasurer via email at or regular mail at the postal address above, or simply fill out the online form below.

Overnight Mail. The HOA does not have regular facilities to accept overnight-type mail such as FedEx, UPS,  Priority Mail, etc.  If you need to overnight something to the HOA, please contact the HOA Treasurer beforehand to make special arrangements for the delivery.

For electronic communication, please use the form below:

In your message, indicate who the recipient should be (e.g., president, committee chair, etc.) so your message can be forwarded appropriately.